Calarella is committed to offering you quality products.


Rigorous selection of ingredients


In our formulas you will find:

  • Organic raw materials certified COSMOS by ECOCERT: vegetable oils, vegetable glycerin, etc.
  • Natural materials approved by ECOCERT: glyceryl stearate SE, sucrose stearate, etc.
  • Corsican essential oils with exceptional qualities that are certified Organic Agriculture by the body ECOCERT. They are obtained by long distillation processes in order to extract the heaviest molecules and thus give them maximum properties.
  • Soft preservatives, authorized by BIOLOGICAL LABELS, to ensure the health security of our care and the protection of our customers.
  • A fragrance of natural origin specially composed to give our treatments a pleasant and subtle smell – authorized by the BIOLOGICAL LABELS.


You won’t find: parabens, synthetic dyes, Alcohol, phenoxyethanol, Phtalate, Mineral oil, EDTA, Silicone, GMOs, nanomaterials, etc.



Optimized formulations


  • Our formulas are based on the guarantee of a rigorous selection and an optimal dosage of assets as well as an expertise of their combined actions.
  • 100% of our care is natural.
  • Our treatments contain a minimum of 98.8% natural ingredients or natural origins.
  • Our vegetable oils and essential oils come from organic farming.
  • Our formulas are short in order to concentrate the active ingredients.
  • The percentage of essential oils contained in our formulas is balanced. This minimizes the risk of skin reactions and results in regular use of care.



A respectful manufacturing of products


  • Our manufacturing processes are non denaturant: they do not affect the quality and properties of raw materials.
  • No recourse to animal testing as required by European regulations but above all our personal convictions.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging management through the use of environmentally friendly recyclable materials.



Complete transparency


  • In order to guarantee total transparency to our customers, we choose to master the entire process of creating our cosmetics:

→ R&D, purchase of raw materials, manufacturing and packaging in our laboratory in Ajaccio.

  • The percentages of natural ingredients and organic ingredients are clearly indicated on the packaging of our products.
  • Product and ingredient sheets are available on our website. They contain:

→ the detailed and French composition of each treatment,

→ the origin of each ingredient present in our cosmetics,

→ the properties of each ingredient used.


You can check the safety of our ingredients on the “INCI Search” function of the website The Truth about Cosmetics at the following address: